Cats, Dogs & Pollywogs - A compilation album of children's songs

Cats, Dogs & Pollywogs

Band : David Martin Wheeler
Title : Cats, Dogs & Pollywogs
Release Date : November 25, 2016
Label : Children's songs, Compilation, Kid's songs
Format : CD

David’s song, “Mister Sandman’s Land“, leads off this collection of children’s themed songs, released by independent record label, Miracle Mile Records, along with ten other artists and bands. The contributing Northern California musicians provide a unique mix of music that may not be suitable for all adults. The track list of original songs include tales about animals, friends, pets, sleep, responsibility, manners, dancing, nature, exploring, luck, imagination, and cleanliness that will leave you smiling and singing along.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Bruce Turgon at After Hours Recorders, Redding, CA. Except #1 Recorded & Mixed by ¬David Martin Wheeler, #4 and #8 Recorded & Mixed by Taylor Aglipay (ASCAP), #6 Recorded & Mixed by Mark Perko (ASCAP), and #10 Recorded & Mixed by Bill Woods.

All songs Copyright © 2016 by each listed artist. All songs written and composed by each listed artist except track #3 by Jim Dyar (BMI) & Troy Hawkins.

Produced by Morgan Hannaford