David Martin Wheeler - photo copyright 2012 digitalnoise|studios/digitalnoise|photo

I got a guitar for Christmas when I was in the fifth grade. By the age of fifteen, I was playing in a band with my friends from high school in Fremont, CA.

Eventually, I had to leave that band and ended up playing in another band in Southern California while attending N. Hollywood High School in the San Fernando Valley.

I joined the army in 1968 and even played in a band then. By December 7, 1973, I was on my way home from Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX for Los Angeles.

That’s when my dream of playing music for a living started taking place. I didn’t know when or how, I just knew I wanted it to happen. The next few years, I played in duos, trios and bands, but eventually it worked out being a one-man-band-singer-song-writer. It was the singer-songwriter role that I liked best.

I could make people laugh, I could make people cry, and I could even make people think with my own words and music. I always told people I came from the school of “Three chords and the truth”.

The many years of playing bars, clubs, etc took its toll and I just kinda wore out. Diabetes took my vision and my ability to fully use my hands. I could no longer play guitar. But I refused to sit on the couch and just fade away.

So, here at 63 years old I decided to record one of my favorite songs that I wrote in 1995 called “Someday We’ll Be Together (Captain Wheeler)”. My wife calls it a “ghostly love story”.
Thanks for listening.
Yours Truly,
David Martin Wheeler